Our devices are unique in their kind and guarantee immediate and effective results, for training and motor and postural rehabilitation.


Our Solutions are appreciated and included in the training programs of the Champions of the Italian Swimming Federation and have also been successfully tested and validated by the Scuderia Ferrari technicians and drivers.


Our method has proven to be a valid help for everyone, to counterbalance the tensions in the back, shoulders and neck and to rebalance the muscles.


Clinical studies show that our method is 100% effective in patients with Parkinson's at various stages of the disease.

Technology, Study and Passion

Our Mission: Restoring Movement Control, Increasing Performances


Our story is all Italian and starts in Tuscany in 2008 when two brothers, while still students, have an intuition that will lead them to relate with the best Universities, Centers of Excellence and highly qualified Athletes: a single movement can change a person's life and can increase his/her performance in an unimaginable way.


Angel's Wings© was born: a device for physical exercises of new conception able to produce immediate effects and bring benefits to different categories of people.


Patented in 2013, Angel's Wings© has passed a long and patient work of experimentation and validation that today boasts an unequivocal base of scientific data and confirms what was clear from the beginning: Angel's Wings© works.


Who chose us

The first MuSclE branded device: Angel's Wings

An effective tool, a method designed to give you results, suitable for any starting point and goal


High performance for sport

Are you an athlete? Improve your body's response to overcome new challenges

Occupational Medicine

We analyze the needs of the workers

We counter or prevent problems related to the profession such as biomechanical overload diseases


The best relationship with ourselves and with the world

Optimal posture is the first way to feel your best.


No longer "sick" but "athletes"

Improve, one exercise at a time, restoring your motor skills and fighting the symptoms of the disease

Born in 2008, Patented in 2013, constantly Evolving

IT 0001401430


  • Allows a decontraction of the upper Trapezius
  • Counteracts and decreases neck pain and corrects postural defects
  • Helps realign the cervical spine and decompresses the intervertebral discs
  • Improves blood flow, brain connectivity and cognitive processes
  • Increases joint range of motion, improves upper and lower limbs movement control and balance
  • Improves the QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE
Scientific Publications

Studied and validated in collaboration with


Discover the opinions of the Experts and the stories of the Users who have adopted our Solutions.

"I am 22 years old and, despite my sporting activity (I have been dancing since I was little), I have 'curved shoulders' and I often suffer from neck pain and contractures. I only needed to try Angel's Wings once to immediately feel a positive and relaxing effect on my muscles and posture. Every time I finish a session, I also seem a little taller!"

Valeria L.

"I have had the opportunity to use Angel's Wings, and the quality of my life has certainly improved and changed. I have had Parkinson's for 10 years and in the last period, thanks to this equipment, I have really managed to improve all aspects of life that are compromised by this disease. Thanks to those who built it!"

Roberto V.

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